Current discounts: Stag goes FREE!

Being a company that actually parties with our customers, it’s of crucial importance for us to keep you lads happy. We just really don’t want to see any sad faces on our stag nights. So, take a look at these fantastic discounts and promotions. Watch this space for more to come!

Stag goes free!

Book 16 or more people and the stag goes FREE. Book 22 or more and the stag AND the bestman go FREE.

Fine print:

10% Discount for Returning Customers!

As a returning customers you’ll get a 10% discount on any stag weekend you are a part of in the future. That applies to the group you are coming with even if you aren’t the organiser. Just have the organiser call or email us and reference your name to be eligible for the group discount.

Members of a previous tour also receive this discount. Just let us know when you traveled and the organiser’s name.

Fine print: