The Bare Essentials – Krakow Strip Clubs

Krakow is a genteel sort of a place, the Florence of Central Europe and a stronghold of the Catholic Church. So you wouldn’t expect to find much mischief here right? Wrong! The most tourist friendly of all Poland’s cities, this beautiful old town offers something for everyone. As well as the kind of architecture that makes travel writers go all mushy, there is no shortage of beautiful women to ogle and fondle.

Now, there was a time when practically all the striptease places in Krakow were well outside the old city walls. But apparently, it’s no longer Taboo for ladies to razzle dazzle ’em inside Poland’s ‘Ancient Royal Capital’. Much of the gent’s club scene is underground, literally. In the old town, there are hundreds of bars and cafés in underground cellars, and these days a few of them are gentlemen’s clubs. The biggest of the clubs looks a bit like the set for an alien planet in one of those old 1960s Star Trek episodes. Another is a former gay bar which has gone straight as a laser beam fired by Hans Solo. Ice blue lighting makes eyes, white bikinis and the Zyviec (beer) sign above the bar shine even more alluringly, and it’s a strong willed – or flat broke – man who can resist a one-on-one dance in a private room.

The old world charm of Krakow shouldn’t beguile you however. There are scams and traps for young players to look out for here too. This of course is why it’s a good idea to put your Stag Party in the safe hands of a certain leisure entertainment group.

Book with Stag Republic, and we’ll take you to the tried and trusted and safe ones.

Have a cracker of a time in Krakow!