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Epic Eastern Europe Stag Do Organised by Stag Republic

Stag party organisers

So if you haven’t already decided where you’re going for your stag do, allow us to help make up your mind! Of course, you can do the usual and opt for the expensive capitals of the world, but why follow the crowd? Eastern Europe has just as good nightlife, not to mention the unbelievably gorgeous […]

The UK or Abroad – Which Should You Choose?

Budapest Stag Nights

Thirty years ago, a stag do would have involved staying local, plenty of beer and a stripper if you were lucky (and tied to a lamppost if you weren’t!). Things have changed somewhat over the last couple of decades and now the possibilities are endless. A stag do is no longer confined to one night. […]

Do You Remember What You Did Last Night?!

Roly Poly stripper

We all love a good prank, but none more so than those on their stag do! Aeons ago, it was the absolutely hilarious ‘being tied to a lamppost naked’ prank. Oh, how we laughed. Well, thank Christ those days are gone! Now you can play all kinds of pranks while on your eastern European weekend […]

Choose Stag Republic for All Your Budapest Stag Do Needs

Trabant Tour in Budapest

Ooh, it’s stag do time…but are you ready?! You might think that organising a stag do is as simple as sorting a regular boys’ night out. Let us assure you that it’s not. Aside from ensuring that you’ve invited everyone, there are the activities, nightlife and accommodation to sort out. The last thing you want […]

A More Refined Stag Do For Stylish Stags and Cultured Gentlemen in Budapest

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By and large, men tend to love a good stag as long as it involves scantily clad ladies and plenty of booze. But if you’re tired of the usual stag routine, Stag Republic can help. There’s no need to worry about the inevitable high jinx that seems to reign over groups of guys going away for […]

Raunchy Riga – The Coolest Clubs in Town!

Strip Club - Riga

Latvia in Riga is certainly the place to be if you’re going away for your stag do. From the gorgeous girls to the amazing activities on offer, your weekend will be jam-packed with fun and frivolities!  Riga has been a favourite with stag parties in recent years and it’s easy to see why. The stunning […]

We Can Provide One of Our Expert Guides for Your Budapest Stag Do!

Local Guides

Can you feel the excitement building now that you’ve booked your stag do in Budapest? The activities are arranged, you know where you’re going to stay and you’ve read lots of reviews about the nightclubs and strip clubs you are going to visit. Only one thing remains when you touch down. Get to know your […]