There are many ways to get to your accommodation once you land in Budapest. Our favourite ones are the Hummer Daddy and Party Bus. But let’s face it: the bigger the place is, the more fun you have. Let us introduce you to the different reasons as to why you should book a Party Bus once you’re in our favourite destination, Budapest.

party bus budapest

Reason #1

You’d like to have fun as soon as you land in Budapest. Our Party Buses can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. This sounds like a lot of fun, right? But usually there are fewer of you, (because let’s face it: not many people have ever invited 50 people to their stag weekend), and there’s more space to move. Spice up your Party Bus arrival with some sexy strippers and let the fun begin!

Reason #2

Our Budapest Party Bus is not only the greatest ingredient of an airport arrival, but it’s the perfect way to start your night in the Hungarian capital. You don’t have to think about the different warm-up venues, you can just get on the bus and start drinking.

Reason #3

Budapest is simply amazing at night and you can see it perfectly from the Party Bus while enjoying your drinks.

Reason #4

It’s so much easier to pre-book an activity with booze than going from place to place. This way you don’t have to bother paying the tabs.

Reason #5

And the last (and maybe the most convincing) reason is that the local ladies will surely turn their heads if you arrive at the club with a Party Bus!

Get a quote for one of our Party Buses and start the evening in style! Believe us, this is the best way to start an unforgettable weekend in Budapest.