Stag party strippers can be added to many of your activities, you only need to ask! Who wants lots of nakedness on their stag do? You do! It just wouldn’t be the same without it, so have a look at the variety of strippers you can have accompany you on the most amazing stag do in Budapest!

Naked Body Buffet

Obviously you’re going to want to have a bite to eat while on your stag do, so how about eating from a naked lady? You can choose between sweet or savoury – fruit, chocolate and whipped cream or Sushi! A gorgeous naked lady will be waiting for you, covered in the food of your choice and you’ll have half an hour to munch your way through until you get to see her in all her nakedness! Fun and a little bit different, why not?

Krakow naked sushi

Strip Poker

If you guys have a hankering for a flutter, why not have a game of strip poker? We’ll deliver 2 sexy Hungarian strippers to come and play along, obviously the better you play, the more nakedness there will be! So have a practice before you venture on your stag do to ensure that the ladies are starkers by the end of the game!


Lesbian Show

What red-blooded man doesn’t enjoy seeing two beautiful ladies kissing and caressing each other, as they get naked?  They will dance and strip to 3-4 songs and tease each other (and you) as you watch mesmerised, mouths open, until they have finished their wonderful show. What’s not to like?

Lesbian Show Budapest

Dominatrix Stripper

This is brilliant when booked for the end of a regular stripper show. The stag will be blindfolded, thinking he’s going to have a ‘normal’ stripper and when his blindfold comes off, there she is, trussed up in black leather, holding a whip and chains. Imagine his face! She’ll treat him like a naughty schoolboy, making him do things he’s never dreamed of – a fantastic photo opportunity and an experience he’ll never forget!

Stripper Pranks

All of the stag party strippers can be added to meals, airport transfers or the boat cruise. Surprise the stag and give him a magical time on his stag do? Topless Waitresses can also come along and serve you drinks, or a Roly Poly Stripper can make your evening, if larger ladies are your thing!