You don’t have to get absolutely slaughtered just because it’s a stag do. There are many other ways of celebrating the stag’s end of singledom without getting so drunk you can’t remember anything or spending the evening ogling naked strippers. A more sophisticated stag do is on the rise, which can include the odd bevvy or two, but isn’t quite so focused on drunkenness being the end product!

City Tour & Boat Cruise

Spending some time actually seeing some of the fantastic cities you’re visiting is a great way to celebrate a stag do. On the City Tour, you will be taken around Budapest for a few hours and get to see Heroes’ Square, the Basilica and the Castle District. Plenty of photo opportunities and a wealth of historical information.

The Boat Cruise takes you down the River Danube, where you get to see the city at its best. Again you’ll gain incredible insight into the city’s history and be able to have a drink as you sail with the wind in your hair admiring the view. If you so desire, you can include a stripper to spice things up a little, but only if you want to!

Budapest boat cruise

Wine and Beer Tasting

Instead of chucking any old alcohol down your neck, how about some elegance in wine or beer tasting? You’ll be taken to a lovely bar, where a sommelier will introduce you to the art of actual tasting.

You get 6 different varieties of wine, including red, white and rose, as well as Tokaj wine, Hungary’s dessert wine. At the craft beer tasting, you get to taste 5 varieties depending on what is on offer at the time you visit. It’s a lovely way to have a drink, but also to learn a little more about how wine and beer are both made and where they originate from. Some unusual snippets to take home to your wives or partners!

Cheers with beer!

Thermal Baths and Day Spa

Why not take this opportunity to really chill out and relax your bones?? Thermal baths are dotted around Budapest and are a wonderful way to let off steam (no pun intended). They are naturally warm springs, which are heralded as healing waters, taking away aches and pains wherever they are! You can have a drink while you bathe and even go to a late night party there if you prefer.

Budapest Things To Do Thermal Baths

A day at the Spa is always a treat. From massages to pedicures and facials, these days men are seen there as much as the ladies. You can relax in the Jacuzzi or steam room then have as many treatments as you like, to get yourselves feeling wonderful for your evening out. Chill and chat with the boys, sharing classic stories about the stag and maybe the pranks you’re going to pull on him later!