So you’re not in your twenties anymore and the thought of drinking for 3 days straight is giving you palpitations. Fear not, there is absolutely no need to think that a Stag do for the older gentleman should be the same at any age. Why should it? We don’t want to be doing the same kinds of activities we did in our younger years when we’re middle-aged! With this in mind, we have put together some ideas that would make an incredible stag do for the older gentleman…

Shoot ’em Up!

No this isn’t a fairground game, but real, live guns with ammunition. You get to handle some of the most high-end weapons used in the army or for hunting and can pretend to be Clint Eastwood…(or someone similar of your own age). Whoever you model yourself on, it will be an extremely fun and intense few hours, shooting at a target aiming for the bull’s eye!

You could be handling a Magnum, an AK47, a Glock or another type of shooter. Once you’ve gotten rid of some of that testosterone and you’re all shot out, you can compare your target sheets to see who was the best (and worst) and buy yourselves a beer to celebrate!

Stag do shooting range

Drive An Old Banger

Remember the Trabant? Yes, the car that was made possible by the Communists. Well, we have a few of these wonderful little cars that are literally made of cotton wool. And you all get to drive them into the Pilis Hills! A lot of fun and the stag gets to drive his very own ‘Hello Kitty’ car, photo opportunities abound! Once you get into the hills, you can stop and have a spot to eat at a local village pub, along with a beer or two…

Sophisticated Drinking

Instead of guzzling pints, why not have a very respectable Wine Tasting? You’ll still be quaffing alcohol, but with your pinky finger in the air! You will have a sommelier to guide you through how to taste correctly and 6 different Hungarian wines will be yours for the tasting.  To go along with your drinks, you will also get a cheese board to really bring out the taste of the wine. Once you’re done, if you fancy a little dance, your local guide will be more than pleased to take you wherever you want to go!

Budapest wine tasting