Budapest is a forefront winner for a stag do. There’s no doubt about that. Gorgeous girls fill the streets and their very own spirit, Palinka will blow your socks off in a matter of minutes. There’s no shortage of bars, pubs and clubs to keep any type of stag do entertained, so allow us to give you some tips to ensure your weekend is fun-packed from beginning to end!

Pre- Drinking and Dining

Back in Blighty, the drinking starts earlier, but in Budapest, things don’t really get going until at least 10pm. So to ensure that the stags are raring to go later in the evening, do as the Hungarians do and get your bellies filled with some delicious cuisine. Book yourselves an All You Can Drink Dinner, you’ll get to feast on a 3-course meal, taste some Hungarian delights and drink as much as you want at the same time!

Stag Dinner

At a fabulous local restaurant, you’ll get your own area to dine in and all the beer and wine you can manage. But do pace yourselves, the night is long and the girls are beautiful, you don’t want the evening to end before it’s begun!

Show Off to the Ladies

Most of the Hungarian men are a little more subtle when it comes to attracting the females. Quietly drinking in the bars, rather than peacocking is more their style, so being your funny, loud, stag selves might just get you some Hungarian lovelies to party with!

To really get you noticed, why not arrive in something that cannot fail to grab their attention? The Party Bus! With some epic tunes blasting out, a beer-filled fridge and maybe some strippers on board, your stag party can continue in style….

Budapest party bus

See the Real Budapest

Budapest is a great place for a stag do, but the last thing you want is to go to all of the places where other stags groups are drinking. You want to go to the bars and pubs where you get proper Hungarian drinks for the best prices and obviously, where the beautiful Hungarian ladies hang out.

Book yourselves a Guided Pub Crawl and you’ll get exactly that. One of our local guides will get your likes and dislikes beforehand so that you’ll only visit the best places with the right kind of women and beer. Should you fancy a strip club, let her know, she knows exactly where to take you and you’ll get free entry, as well a free round of beers!

Guided Pub Crawl