What’s the one important activity that no Stag can do without on his Stag-Do? I would hazard a guess at the lady who takes her clothes off in front of many men. No, I’m not talking about your Aunty Carol who drops her kit at the sniff of a glass of wine, at the local pub. She’s encouraged to dress sharpish, for fear of scaring the little ones. The ladies you WANT to see undress, who have bods to-die-for,  are waiting for you – at The 4-Play Lounge in Budapest!

Budapest stripper

Not one of these ladies look like your Aunty Carol (at least, we hope they don’t- could be awkward, not to mention a little bit incestuous!) These girls are fit, toned, gorgeous and boy, can they swing their booties (or boobies!) This unbeatable strip club in Budapest comes with a guarantee that you won’t be overcharged, beaten up or worse. Which, unfortunately, is the case for many of the other strip clubs around the town. 4-Play Lounge has the best reputation (look it up!) for being the perfect strip club. Sexy ladies aside, the prices are transparent – they are included on the website, so you can even choose and budget for your exotic lapdance, group strip or private dance before you even get on the plane!

The drinks are also reasonably priced and you won’t ever be forced to order a bottle of Champers, against your wishes. 4-Play also has its own free taxi service. Again, this prevents you from hopping into a taxi outside, whose main job is to not only to overcharge you for the drive, but to also get you to another club that’s far less inviting than 4-Play Lounge. Take the free taxi! For the love of god!

No matter what your taste, there will be a sexy Hungarian honey waiting for you at this strip club in Budapest. You can book a Shower Show, where the stunning girl will undress you and let you watch while she strips and lathers herself up. You’ll then be invited to help her rinse off – can you handle it, without losing your mind? There’s also the Lesbian Shower Show, or you could book the Stag on the Stage, for the ritual humiliation (or sheer enjoyment) of the Stag! Of course, if you want to pull a prank on the Stag, then there is the Surprise Show. This entails the Stag on Stage with a sexy stripper, once he’s blindfolded, a Roly-Poly Stripper will take her place, when the blindfold is removed, he’ll be as happy as Larry – or not, probably the latter.


Budapest Fat Stripper