Krakow is the place to be on a stag do. There are a million and one activities for you to try, so you’d better book a week so you can try them all out! At least there’s no need to worry about being bored, with activities and nightlife ready to be sampled in Poland’s capital, you’d better get booking your faves!

Release Your Stress!

Paintballing is a brilliant way to get the boys bonding and the adrenaline pumping. Split into 2 teams, you get to run around an old Soviet military ground, shooting paintballs at each other until a winner is declared! Overalls and equipment are provided and you can choose between 2 or 4 hours if you really want to push yourselves. There will be a referee, so no trying to cheat! You can discuss your victories with a free round of beers after the game.

Paintball in Krakow

Gunning For It

If you prefer real, live guns to the paintballing variety, then we have a multitude of shooting packages for you to choose from. You get to shoot all manner of firearms, including the AK47, Glock, Polish Uzi and a shotgun. An instructor will be on hand, so that no one goes home with a body part missing. You get to shoot at a target and at the end, the sheets can be compared to see who was the best shot (let the stag win, come on!)

Krakow shooting range

Driving You Mad

Get yourselves inside a 4 x 4, roaring around the Polish mountains and woodland and feel the thrill of the ride! An instructor will be with you in the Land Cruiser or Trooper, so you can really let go and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. Once you’ve driven yourselves crazy, you can calm down those nerves with a free round of beers and exchange stories about how you nearly died!

rakow 4x4 Offroad

A Different Kind of Shot

So once you’ve had your fill of adrenalin-fuelled activities, it’s time to start to relax before your night on the town. An ideal way to chill is to have a Vodka Tasting session. The Polish do vodka like the French do wine. It’s cracking and very strong! Be careful how much you’re downing, it does taste amazing though, so you may not be able to resist! You’ll get an instructor who will talk you through the history of the spirit, and the fact that the Polish do it better than the Russians….obviously.

Vodka Tasting Krakow

Choose your activities wisely my friends, they will be on record for many years to come!