One of the best parts of a stag do is to have a theme running to help celebrate the final weekend of freedom. Dressing up and acting daft is of primary importance for team camaraderie and it helps to gain attention from the ladies too! We have some blinding ideas for you to think about, or you can come up with something more apt for your lads…


With such a wide and diverse spectrum, you have plenty to choose from with this theme. You’ve got the Marvel superheroes, which include Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. Then there are the DC comic characters, like Superman, Batman and Green Lantern. You could choose individual characters, or all go as the same one, either way, it’ll get you noticed! You can be the protectors of the universe, or damsels in distress, swooping in to save the ladies from whatever peril you decide is appropriate…

Superhero logos

Pub Golf

If you and the lads love a game of golf, then why not take it to the stag do? You’ll all get to dress up in typical golfing attire, the gaudier the better! Booking your accommodation through us means you’ll get a free bar crawl, so you could make it into a golfing adventure, where your local guide can plan a 9 hole course across the best bars in the city!

Star Wars

The stag could be Darth Vader and the rest of you could be Star Troopers, searching for Princess Leia! Or how about going as a group of Ewoks? The cute and cuddly look always goes down well with the ladies, they’ll be dying to stroke you! Jabba the Hutt, on the other hand, may not be so inviting. It’s a highly recognisable theme, so whoever you decide to go as, may the force be with you…

Star Wars

Carry-Me Costumes

Hilarious at the best of times and you’ll have a built-in buddy with you, no matter what happens. There are plenty to choose from, you can have chickens, monkeys, gnomes, bears and many more. Choose the ones that are the funniest or would be a welcome addition to your party. The stags will be so exhausted from carrying you all night, you may need some help in the form of the female kind, by the end of the evening!

Of course, you can go for the standard ‘genital’ costumes, James Bond (always a lady-puller!) or something darker like killer clowns. Whatever you decide, you’ll have an absolute ball and you’ll be less likely to lose each other in your themed outfits!!

Local Budapest guide Livi making funny face with stag in union jack morphsuit