We all love a good prank, but none more so than those on their stag do! Aeons ago, it was the absolutely hilarious ‘being tied to a lamppost naked’ prank. Oh, how we laughed. Well, thank Christ those days are gone! Now you can play all kinds of pranks while on your eastern European weekend away. Obviously, they’re mainly aimed at the stag himself, so make sure he can handle it!

Handcuff Pranks

Yep. Fifty Shades of Grey and now we’re all into the Dominant / Submissive scene obvs. So at Stag Republic, we decided to give you a choice of the type of person you’d like to be handcuffed to. Because we care. A lot.

For one hour’s handcuffing, you can have the pleasure of a Hungarian dwarf (handle him gently please), a Dominatrix  (lots of light whipping and restraining) and a Roly Poly lady (she’ll sit on you if you ‘re misbehaving) and that’s not a promise! They will all stay with you for the hour, follow you to the dance floor and yes, even the loo!

Stag in handcuffs


Funny Pranks

Granny Strip Show is always a winner. Older ladies and all that! She’ll give you a very raunchy striptease; you won’t believe your eyes. Seriously. She’ll shock the hell out of the stag and you’ll be laughing until the honeymoon. Budapest Stag Arrest is cruel but funny. Have the poor bugger arrested while he’s slightly drunk, take him into an office so it seems official, and then surprise him with a strip show! He’ll be so relieved he’ll be thanking you for the stripper his fiancée told him not to have!

Granny Stripper Budapest

Fake Bride

Probably the best of the lot for filling the stag with total despair before ogling a naked stripper. A stunning bride, complete with marriage papers and suitcase, turns up at any named bar claiming the stag is her husband. She is convincingly confident and will ensure that the stag won’t know if he actually did marry this girl the night before! She’ll provide a marriage certificate to seal the deal, making the stag crap himself instantaneously. She will then pop on some music and show off her beautiful assets, flirting and teasing as she takes off her clothes, bit by bit, making the stag feel both confused and turned on. Always a hilarious prank to pull and he’ll see the funny side, at some point…

Fake Bride Stripper Prank

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