Going to Barcelona, Amsterdam or London for your Stag Do is so passé, these days! You are really missing out on some fantastic activities; not to mention cheap alcohol, beautiful ladies and some of the best nightlife you’ll ever get to experience, if you decide to poo-poo your Stag Do in Eastern Europe.

Budapest is one of the best cities in Eastern Europe to have your memorable Stag Do. They have fantastic drinking dens called ‘Ruin Pubs’. Despite the ‘ruin’ title, it’s far from ruined, unless you’re talking about how you’ll be feeling when you’ve downed your body weight in vodka! The ‘Ruin Pubs’ are so-called because the Hungarians have created some of the best drinkeries out of old, abandoned courthouses. They are cool, funky and a sight to behold. With old-school pictures, vintage posters and furniture adorning the walls and ceiling, they have an atmosphere of fun, a casual-studenty edge and they are magnets for all of the gorgeous, sexy ladies in Hungary. Budapest also boasts one of the best strip-clubs in Europe – 4Play Lounge. It’s owned by ex-pats, so no worries about being ripped-off, and the girls are to die-for. We’re not saying you should, mind.

Krakow strip club entry

Krakow in Poland is another hidden beauty for your Stag-Do in Eastern Europe. The stunning old town is a must to visit, with its many bars and restaurants at your disposal. Not as large as Budapest, (which means you can walk everywhere, less need for taxis)  but perfect for a couple of days of debauchery. Did you know that there are approximately 400,000 more females here than men?? Plenty of eye-candy and flirting-practice :) The Polish are friendly and laid-back, which is just as well when the Brit-Stags come to town…

Riga, in Latvia, is another little gem to be checked out for your Stag-Do in Eastern Europe. With some of the best nightclubs in Europe, big-name DJs flock here to play their handbag house and hands-in-the-air bangin’ tunes. There’s no kicking-out time of 2am either. Keep going until you drop, is more the philosophy of the Latvians. Many Russian ladies hang out in Riga’s pubs and clubs, some of the sexiest honeys in the land, not to be sniffed at boys (although you could try as they walk past!) The drinks are cheap, the food is tasty and you’ll never be able to have a Stag-Do like this elsewhere in Europe for the same price. Not on your nelly!

Budapest pub crawl

So don’t spend too long thinking about it boys, a Stag-Do in Eastern Europe is definitely the way to go for a more memorable, budget-busting, crazy weekend, with more lovelies than you can shake a stick at.