It’s here! The stag do of the century has finally arrived, so it’s time to get packed up and head off on your stag do in Krakow. Hopefully, you will have organised some special treats for him in the shape of some delightful Polish strippers and it goes without saying that booze and banter will be the order of the day!

Airport Transfer Fun

If you book yourselves a Stripper filled Hummer for your transfer, the ride to your accommodation will certainly go with a flash! Like stepping into a mini nightclub on wheels, the Hummer is a proper pimped out ride, complete with an excellent sound system. Your very own stripper will tease and writhe over the seats and as you take in the glorious show, you can look forward to an amazing stag weekend in cracking Krakow!

Photo of interior of Hummer limo

Feed Your Faces

No matter what you’re doing on your stag do in Krakow, you’ll need to eat to keep your strength up, so we suggest a Dinner with Beers (what else)?! You get a delicious 2-course meal and if there are 12 stags or more, you can enjoy 2 strippers for your dessert! Now we’re not saying that you can eat them, but you can definitely devour the images of these lovely ladies demonstrating their love for each other, showing you their best moves and attributes. Hope you can take the heat boys!

Stags on Brewery dinner in Krakow

You’ll Be in Your Oils!

Once you’ve visited as many bars and pubs as is humanly possible and you’re beginning to sway when you’re standing still, it could be time for an Oil Show! Don’t worry, it’s not a load of motor mechanics doing oil changes, it’s far better than that. Two stunning beauties in bikinis are covered in oil and have a wrestle in front of you, in a large paddling pool! They’ll wrestle for two rounds, during which their bikinis will ‘accidentally’ fall off and for the final round, they will invite the stag to join them. He’ll need to be in his boxers, but the girls will make sure he’s put through his paces, so he’ll feel like he’s gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson by the time they’ve finished with him!

Budapest oil wrestling

There are some amazing Krakow strip clubs, ask your local guide for recommendations and you can’t go wrong! Enjoy your wonderful weekend of drinking and debauchery on your stag do in Krakow!