So if you haven’t already decided where you’re going for your stag do, allow us to help make up your mind! Of course, you can do the usual and opt for the expensive capitals of the world, but why follow the crowd? Eastern Europe has just as good nightlife, not to mention the unbelievably gorgeous women who reside there!


One of the best places to go for a fantastic stag do in eastern Europe is Budapest in Hungary. Drinks are crazy cheap, the nightlife is buzzing and we’ve lost count of the number of activities you can do there. A must-visit is the infamous ruin pubs that are dotted about the city. Created from old courtyards, these unique drinkeries are something to behold. You’ll spend hours just looking around, taking in the unusual decor (bicycles on the ceiling!) and chatting to the locals and other tourists who visit. They are open morning till night, starting out as cafes, ending up as mini nightclubs, where DJs and live bands play regularly.

stag activities

Sightseeing is a must. Budapest is saturated with beautiful architecture and there’s always a boat ride on the Danube, to view the city from an alternative standpoint! It’s also a perfect opportunity to book a few strippers to come along for the ride!


Nestled amongst 6 other countries, Krakow in Poland is a hidden jewel in Eastern Europe. Although it’s smaller than Budapest, it more than makes up for its lack of square footage, with amazing clubs and drinking dens. The locals are relaxed and friendly and they’ll certainly show you how to have a good time – not that you’ll need it! If it’s gorgeous women you’re after, then you won’t be disappointed. The ladies outnumber the men by a huge amount. Can’t remember the exact ratio right now, but trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

krakow castle


Little Latvia ain’t so little that it’s not worth going. This lovely country is perfect for the type of stag do where you drink until it’s coming out of your eyeballs! The Latvians are a little bit bonkers, but they are also party animals and will certainly show you the best time celebrating your upcoming nuptials. Not only have you got the luscious Latvian ladies, but because of its proximity to Russia, you have the raunchy Russian babes to chat up too. Just don’t ruin it lads, be cool. Just be cool.

Stag weekend in Riga Latvia

Don’t put your eggs in one basket, only considering the usual places for a stag do. An eastern Europe stag do is a whole lot cheaper than a western Europe stag do. You get so much more for your money and the girls are definitely worth writing home about!