The Hungarian capital is a city comparable to many other capitals around the world. Its historic beauty, stunning architecture and friendly locals make it a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. If you’re heading out to Budapest on your stag do, then you may need a few basic pieces of information to ensure that you don’t make a silly faux pas while you’re there…

The Local Language

Considering it borders with Austria, Croatia and other Slavic countries, the Hungarian language is nothing like those spoken by its neighbours, it’s more akin to places like Finland and Estonia, but we’ve got some stock phrases to help you get by…

Hello – Szia, pronounced ‘See-ya’. Nice and easy, not too complicated!

Bye bye – Hello, pronounced ‘He-llo’. Again, we’re keeping it nice and simple and it’s the opposite of goodbye!

Yes – Igen, pronounced ‘Ee-gen’.

I love you – Szeretlek, pronounced ‘Seh-ret-leck’. Take note, you might need this if you’re planning on getting wed to a Hungarian chick!

I speak Hungarian – Beszelek Magyarul, it might be a good idea not to use this if you really can’t speak Hungarian. Who needs the embarrassment?

Hungarian Food and Drink

You’ll be spoilt for choice in Budapest. Trust us, visit a ruin bar, you won’t be disappointed. Built around old ruins (hence the name) these perfect little drinking dens are scattered around the city, full of locals and students, eating delicious food and listening to music. At night, they become livelier with bands playing and people dancing, on the tables mostly…Don’t be afraid to try the local food, Csülök really is delicious and filling!

A stag party dinner in Budapest



Locals use trams, trolleybuses and buses to get around. They’re very cheap and far better than the train system in the UK! Most of what you’ll want to see is often within walking distance anyway, but you can also jump in a taxi, which is inexpensive too.

Taxi in Budapest


The coldest and prettiest time of year is the winter when the snow falls. Between December and February, you can go ice skating on one of the frozen lakes in the centre, it’s truly magical at Christmastime! From March to May, it gets warmer, but like the UK, there’s also plenty of rain.  June to August are the hottest months where partying and sightseeing is at its best, you can even do yoga outside on the river banks! In autumn, the leaves begin to fall and although it’s certainly beautiful, it starts to get quite cold.

Hungarian Money

You can use the Hungarian Forint (HUF) or Euros here, but use the cashpoints around the city as you get a better exchange rate than with some of the money changers on the streets. Credit cards are used, but cash is preferred, especially in smaller, out of town shops and bars.

A trip to Budapest is a wonderful experience, take note of our hints and tips and you will have the best holiday you could ever dream of. Locals are friendly and polite and they also like to party, so you’ll be in good hands!