December is almost a dead season for us, which we totally understand as there are not many weddings held during the winter. But still, Budapest, Krakow and Riga have a lot of winter activities, which not many people know about. Even if you’re not on a stag do, we can accommodate all kinds of occasions, be it a weekend getaway or a team-building event.

Snowmobile in Krakow

There are many things to see in Krakow and many stag activities to try. Once you’re there during the winter, don’t miss out the chance to try snowmobiling. Although the transfer might be a bit long (1.5 hours one way), it’s still worth it to see the Tatra covered with snow.








Thermal Baths in Budapest

Even though the thermal baths in Budapest are open all year round, there’s no doubt it’s the most enjoyable during the winter. This activity is an absolute must, you can’t leave Budapest without visiting the Széchenyi thermal bath. We can even provide you with a private minibus transfer if you decide to book with us.

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Sauna Party in Riga

Riga’s sauna culture is undoubtedly famous, but we all know that half of the group might not like that. How about if we told you that you can add some strippers to spice up the activity? Exactly. Now everybody would join for sure! Furthermore, you can order drinks from the hotel bar or bring in drinks with you.

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