Everything’s booked, you’ve sorted your accommodation, activities and all of the strip clubs you’re intending to visit, but there’s still a couple of weeks to go. How are you going to survive until then? What about getting the lads round for a film fest to get yourselves in the mood for your Stag Party in Budapest?  No, not jiggy-jiggy movies, some Stag Party films…

The Hangover

Top of the list has the be The Hangover, starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis. They wake up in a hotel room with no knowledge of what happened the night before. Hilarious, with shocking outcomes throughout the film, it’s a must-see for any guy going on a Stag Do! It also serves as a warning as what not to do…take heed boys!

Man with hangover

Stag Night of the Dead

If you absolutely love a zombie film, then have a gander at Stag Night of the Dead. If lots of blood and gore, along with a hot stripper gets your rocks off, then this will be the one for you. Hundreds of zombies, 6 Stags and one very sexy stripper in Sophie Lovell Anderson, makes this film one to watch, even just for a giggle!

Stag night zombie

A Few Best Men

A Few Best Men (2011) starring Kris Marshall and Kevin Bishop, is a UK film of what can go wrong on a Stag Do. Classic slapstick humour, with some embarrassing, cringeworthy scenes when the British and Aussie cultures clash. It’ll tickle your fancy…

Very Bad Things

If you’d prefer something a little darker than slapstick and moderate amusement, then Very Bad Things (1998) is one to see. A young Cameron Diaz and Christian Slater star in this Stag Night movie, don’t expect a giggle a minute though. The Stags turn on each other after a murder takes place and that’s the most uplifting it gets! Worth a watch though.

American Pie 3

Then there’s American Pie 3: The Wedding, for some quality entertainment and amusement. The cast alone is a brilliant one, including the annoying, but legendary Stifler. Feel-good film with some ‘pee in your pants’ moments, just the norm for the American Pie genre.


Last but not least, we give you Bridesmaids (2011). Yes, we know it’s generally known as a chick flick, but guys, it really is funny. The scene where all bowels lose control is priceless. You will laugh and find yourselves grudgingly agreeing that it’s a pretty good film as a precursor for your Stag Party in Budapest!