Being the best man is probably one of the most important jobs a guy could ever have. It’s your duty to ensure that the stag, his friends and family all have an amazing time on the stag do. This includes selecting a great destination, getting the stags well and truly hammered and providing some gorgeous ladies who are up for a party! This is no mean feat, even for the most organised and outgoing of guys. We’ve detailed some examples of the typical stag characters and how the best man can work to keep everyone in the party mood!

The Best Friends

Obviously, these guys will already know the stag well and chances are, they enjoy the same types of amusement that he does. They will have joined him in the ups and downs of partying and will be looking forward to the ritual humiliation, beer and babes!

For a great activity to keep the boys busy, a game of Paintballing will help to release some pent up excitement. Getting together as a team, running around and shooting each other will no doubt have them bantering and getting others to join in with the fun.

Budapest paintball

The Work Buddies

The stag will spend 5 days a week with these guys, so will know them quite well and they will be more than up for joining in with the stag shenanigans. There is more than likely to be lots of office banter and in-jokes and pranks aplenty with these buddies.

So how about some local spirit tasting for the afternoon? If they love to get slaughtered, then let’s give them what they want! Pálinka is the order of the day, a Hungarian fruit brandy, sometimes as strong as 70% proof, they’ll be laughing and bonding with the rest of the stags in no time!

Drunk stag member

The Alpha Males

You will always find these guys in any group. They’re the ones who are cocksure, have the girls fluttering around them, but they always make sure that the party gets started and continues into the early hours. They could be workmates or drinking buds, but you can guarantee they’ll help the smooth running of a night out.

A guided pub-crawl will be all you will need to organise to keep these guys happy. As long as there are girls, music and drink, the alphas will be entertained and will more than likely entertain the stags too!

Guided Pub Crawl

The Family Members

It’s always a little trickier with fathers-in-law, bride’s uncles, bride’s brothers etc. They are close to the bride, so you don’t want to be doing anything that she wouldn’t be happy with. However, it is a stag do and she’ll expect to hear about a little naughtiness, just don’t go too crazy!

An afternoon driving some cross-country quad bikes should please them. We will provide a professional instructor and lead quad man, all coveralls and equipment and even a round of beers at the end – lots of fun!

Budapest quads

Just follow our tips on keeping the stag party happy. What could go wrong?!