If your Budapest Stag Do doesn’t involve a couple of pranks, is it really a Stag Do?! Brides-to-be across the land are left quaking in their boots when their other halves disappear on their Stag Do and for good reason. Many legendary stories have been told of the Stag being left tied to a lamp-post in his undies, waking up in another country and coming home with a hideous tattoo on his ass. However, you can carry out a prank without it being life-threatening, just absolutely hilarious!

The Stag Arrest Prank

This is a brilliant prank to play on the groom. If the Stag is already a bit of a naughty boy, this will work even better. You and the boys will already be in Budapest’s top strip club and he’ll be getting in the party mood, when 2 plain-clothes police officers decide to arrest him because he can’t identify himself. Of course, he’ll be surprised and probably a bit annoyed because he wants to stay and enjoy himself! He’ll be blindfolded (at this point he’ll probably suspect something’s up) and taken to a ‘special’ office to be processed. But of course, he’ll never leave the club, he’ll just be taken to the stage where a stunning stripper awaits. Once his blindfold’s taken off, the show will begin! Embarrassment and humiliation are the name of the game and you can all laugh and point as the sexy lady flaunts her stuff, right in his bright red face!

Stag Arrest in Budapest

The Fake Bride Stripper Prank

Another fantastic and appropriate prank for your Budapest Stag Do, is the Fake Bride Stripper. This is ideal when added to your transfer back to the airport, on the way home. He will be relaxed, thinking the Stag Do is over, but he can think again! A lonesome lady will get on the bus, claiming that the Stag is her husband. She’ll have the official papers to prove it, along with a packed suitcase. The look on his face will be priceless and you guys can play along saying that he’d met her one evening when he was drunk as a skunk and maybe he had married her? Once he’s suitably confused and panicked, the music will begin and the gorgeous stripper will start to undress and dance for you all. The Stag can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy his last strip show as a single man!

Fake Bride Stripper Prank

Book your classic pranks for your Budapest Stag Do, for your amusement, and for those brilliant memories for years to come!