You can’t have your stag do in Budapest and not get dressed up! This is the time to be silly, have lots of fun and drink until the cows come home (or bull, in this case). If you’re struggling to find a theme which suits your boys, we have plenty of ideas that might inspire you and help you to avoid being too offensive!

Super heroes

Top of the list has to be Super heroes. You can pretend to be your ideal Super hero on your Budapest stag do, take on a whole other persona and get lots of attention from the ladies! From Superman to Batman, the Hulk, Captain America..the list is endless. If you’re thinking of going as Thor, make sure you’ve got the bod to match expectations. There’s nothing worse than being laughed at all night because you’re so far from the image, it’s ironic!

Stag party batman theme

Rocky Horror Show

Transvestites are always a winner, easy to do too. Get some of your other half’s clothes (or your mom’s) and adapt accordingly. Practice with make up before the big event and you’ll be golden. If you fancy going to the extreme, try Rocky Horror style. Basques, suspenders and stilettos can look fantastic on a guy, if you’re confident enough to pull it off. If you’re not, don’t do it. There’s nothing worse than a sad man dressed as a woman, crying into his beer, wondering where it all went wrong…


Star Wars

Star Wars is a brilliant theme. There’s always one of the guys who looks like Chewbacca and the rest can go as Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo. The ladies will love it if you pretend they’re Princess Leia and you’re rescuing them from the evil clutches of Jabba The Hut! Or maybe one of you could be Jabba? Fat, drooling and incoherent – the one who gets drunk the fastest will fit the bill!

Star Wars themed stag do


Of course, it’s not essential for fancy dress, but T-Shirts with your nicknames on always goes down well and you stand less chance of losing people too! Don’t be too cool for school, you’ll only get one stag do, make it funny and make it memorable, it’s too late once you’re back home!