Gone are the days when the stag night was literally a few hours on a Friday night, the day before the wedding and the highlight of the evening was seeing the stag stripped naked and tied to a lamp post. Things have certainly changed in the last 20 years, the stag night has become the stag weekend and there’s no limit to where you can go to enjoy the crazy celebrations!

Stag Weekends Abroad

These days, it seems that it’s more unusual to stay in the UK for a stag do. Almost all stag parties take place in a distant country, where the beer is cheap and the strip clubs are relaxed! Eastern Europe has become extremely popular in recent years, the local guides will tell you a few stories if you ask nicely! Apart from the obvious, there are also many fantastic activities on a Budapest stag do, including adrenalin fuelled tank driving or drinking yourselves silly on the Beer Bike!

Tank Driving Budapest

Keeping Everyone Entertained

It’s always a bit of a minefield when trying to keep all of the stags happy. What everyone should keep in mind, is that it’s a celebration of the main stag getting married and what he wants to do should be top priority! Choosing some activities where you will all look like idiots can be a good idea, so nobody feels left out! Why not organise a game of Bubble/Zorb Football, where everyone will become incompetent footballers? There will be no arguments, because you will all be absolutely useless!

Fools in Paradise

It’s never too difficult to spot British men on their Budapest stag do. Dressed in either football shirts or life-size willy outfits, it’s their main aim to make the stag look as stupid as is humanly possible. There are the usual strip clubs, where they will drag the stag on stage for the ritual humiliation or maybe you would like to hire a Dwarf or a Roly Poly Stripper to be handcuffed to the stag for an hour he’ll never get back?! Of course, you can all chill out and take it easy on a Spa Day or in the Thermal Baths should you wish, you might need it after the copious amounts of alcohol consumed the night before!

Roly Poly stripper

You can have the party of your dreams on your stag do in Budapest. Tick off some of those desires long dreamed of and enjoy your last weekend of total freedom!