You’re going to Budapest for your stag do? Well, you’re certainly in for a treat let me tell ya! There are more stunning ladies in the capital than anywhere else in the world, the girls will blow your mind, never mind anything else! However, this is a tale of caution – we’re going to give you some tips about how not to get caught out when it comes to falling for these gorgeous ladies’ charms. That is unless you want to lose your hard-earned cash or beautiful faces while on your party of a lifetime.

Girls On The Prowl

You’re innocently having a few bevvies in a bar when a couple of stunning girls approach you and start flirting. First thing you’ll do is buy them a drink, being the sociable lads you are. Nothing wrong with this of course, but use your 6th sense. If they are knocking back the vodkas like it’s going out of fashion, alarm bells should be ringing. What can happen is that when you come to pay your bill, you’ll notice that there may be a couple more zeros added to the final amount and that means you’ve been honey-trapped!

Budapest Girls

It’s a Trick!

Once you have the enormous bill, you’ll be expected to pay the full amount immediately. If you can’t, the very large, unfriendly security guys will be marching you to the nearest cashpoint. You’ll have no choice in the matter and that will be all of your hard-earned cash gone in an instant! No amount of pleading or trying to be reasonable will change the situation. They do this on a regular basis and it’s their way of making money from unsuspecting tourists.

Be Aware

Always check the prices on the menus before ordering drinks and be very careful when chatting to ladies. If they seem particularly flirty and insistent on you buying them a drink – don’t! Take your time in getting to know anyone who starts to chat, we know this doesn’t seem very friendly, but it’s for your own good! Aside from losing a ton of money, if you don’t have the cash to pay, you could also end up with some bruises or worse. The bouncers don’t take kindly to having their requests denied.

Obviously, we’re not telling you to ignore the ladies, you won’t be able to, they are gorgeous! Just make sure you have your wits about you and if a couple of girls seem to be a bit pushy, be friendly, but don’t buy them any drinks!

Final word

Of course, if you choose to book a guided pub crawl with us, we will take you to all of the safe places where you will definitely not be ‘honey trapped’.

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