There is no greater honour for a guy than being the best man at his best buddy’s wedding. This does come with some great responsibilities though and they’re not to be taken lightly! It’s not all about the best man’s speech – (although that has to be absolutely hilarious) you’ll need to be the best at everything. Thank god we’re here to help you out!

Good Mate

This is kind of obvious. He probably wouldn’t ask you, unless he was Billy no mates. However, it means that you’re going to be the one who knows him best, the types of things he’d want on his stag do and the people that he’d want there. So don’t let him down!

Krakow brewery dinner

Good Organiser

This is essential to planning the stag do. You’re going to need to get the guys together to decide where you want to go, the kinds of activities you want to book, collecting the money and sending out a crazy amount of emails, to make sure everyone is kept in the loop. It’s all on you.

Good With Money

The stags are going to be excited about going and will most likely want to go crazy, but you’re going to have to take into account that not everyone has the same budget. It’s your responsibility to check that prices are affordable before you go booking anything. It’s always a good idea to set up a kitty for drinks for when you get there, otherwise, there could be some stags without alcohol and that would be no fun at all.

Riga Eating and Drinking

Good With People

It would be a nightmare if you have the social skills of a moose. So hopefully, that’s not the case and you’ll be able to get people mixing through icebreakers when you’re on your way. Come up with a few games that will get the stags chatting and laughing and bring some classic tunes, so you can all have a singsong! Get the banter started and it’ll be all downhill from there…

Good Drinker

You’ll need to be able to keep up with the lads when it comes to drinking pints, shots and whatever else you might be consuming. That goes without saying, but you will still need to look after the stag of the hour and get him back to the hotel safe and sound. Otherwise, his wife-to-be will be blaming you for the rest of your days for ruining his big celebration!

As long as you plan everything carefully and aim to do the best for your stag buddy, you’ll have a wild old time with memories, which will last forever!