Should you not be having a teetotal stag do, then may we suggest the wonderful city of Riga in Latvia? Alcohol flows in abundance and it’s definitely not the watered down rubbish you get in the bars around Britain. Oh no, the stuff they serve there will literally blow your head off – so beware and try to pace yourselves! Your stag weekend in Riga could be the stuff made of dreams, if you play your cards right…

Start As You Mean To Go On

Once you’ve landed, picked up your bags and sashayed through passport control, you might be feeling a little worse for wear, if you’ve drunk the extortionately priced beers on the plane. Fret not, your carriage awaits in the shape of the Party Bus! This isn’t some low-grade bus with a CD player and a mini-bar. This little beauty is a fully pimped out minibus, decked to the rafters with stylish, comfortable seats, deafening sound system and a bar stocked to the brim with beer and Champers! Your Riga stag do has landed my friends.

Party Bus Riga

Sightseeing With a Difference

So you might like to see the lovely city of Riga, while having a little tipple at the same time. The best way to do this is on a Beer Bike! We’re not expecting 15 of you to jump on a two-wheeler while you drink from cans. On the contrary – the Beer Bike can house your party while you drink your way through 20 litres of ice cold beer! Don’t worry, you will have a driver to ensure that you don’t veer off the beaten track. Your driver will take you to some wonderful places, but of course, you will be required to pedal, give the guy a break! This is the best way to see the area, not to mention the local girls who are absolutely stunning, just make sure you stay on the bike – at least until you’ve finished your beer!

The beer bike at capacity with a large Riga stag group

Fill Your Boots

It may not occur to you, on your fabulous stag weekend in Riga, but you do have to eat and not just drink yourselves into oblivion. We have a lovely 2-course meal for you to sample, along with 3 beers and a shot of high strength vodka. This will keep your energy levels up, ready for the evening’s shenanigans! But wait, before you go, there is a sexy stripper waiting to show you her wares. Once your meal has been devoured, she will entertain you, showing you how the Latvian ladies do it!

Beauty of Riga

A stag do in Riga could be the best way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Take advantage of the great offers, cheap booze and stunning women, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!