If you like to feel the blood pumping in your veins and that all consuming adrenalin rush, then we have some fantastic Budapest stag activities for you to try. Have a good meal before you attempt these boys, you’ll need every ounce of energy you can muster!

Monster Truck Driving

Ever dreamed of climbing aboard a monster truck and giving it some welly around an open terrain? The tyres are bigger than you! You’ll be as high as a kite as you speed around the track, screaming as you drive over the bumps and find yourselves being thrown around as you attempt to keep your composure. It’s the experience of a lifetime and not one to be missed, give it a go boys, you’ll be talking about it for years to come!

monster truck budapest

Tank Driving

Another brilliant driving experience, where your childhood dreams can come true. You and the boys get to drive a real, live tank! Of course, there’s no ammunition in it, we can’t have you blowing up the locals – it wouldn’t be polite! You get to drive one of a number of tanks that were actually used in different wars – Afghan – Sovjet (1979), Iraq / Iran (1981), Gulf War (1990), Yugoslav – Bosnian (1991), Iraq – USA (2002), Afghanistan – NATO, ISIS War (2012). Take your pick and enjoy steaming through the rough terrain, with no holds barred!

Tank Driving Budapest


One of the most ingenious Budapest stag activities and like it says in the title – you get to smash a car to smithereens! Oh yes, if you’re feeling stressed about the wedding and would like to release some of those pent up frustrations, grab yourselves the tool of your choice and smash the hell out of an old banger! Choose from sledge hammers, axes and other heavy tools to do the job with, until you’re well and truly shattered! All of your stress will be gone by the time you finish, just in time to enjoy your night on the town!

Carsmash Budapest

So if you love your vehicles and want to feel alive with adrenalin on your stag weekend, book one of these amazing activities to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. You’ll have the best memories for a long time to come and the action-shot photographs will still be around to show your grandkids! You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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