No doubt you’re just chomping at the bit to get away to Poland’s party capital…but hold your horses one minute! You need to have some inside information about what Krakow is all about and how you can get the most out of your weekend there. From local ladies to places to go, our pearls of wisdom will help you to have the most magnificent time on your stag weekend.

Drink As the Locals Drink

Don’t fret, you can drink beer like it’s going out of fashion in Krakow. But you’ll be missing out if you don’t try the local vodka. Even the Russians have vodka envy when it comes to Krakow style voddie. However, be careful, even though the cherry, lemon and pear vodka’s taste divine, they are strong and will knock you sideways if you intend on gulping it like it’s water. Water it definitely ain’t!

Vodka shots on our stag party vodka tasting tour.

Why not book the Polish Vodka Tasting to get a feel for what it’s all about? You’ll get to taste 5 different vodkas, with snacks – polish pickles, sausage and bread. There will be a local vodka expert to explain how it’s made and the history of the delicious drink. You’ll most likely be a little squiffy, but it’s ok, you’re on your stag do!

Line Your Tummies

Even though there’s always one who thinks eating is for wimps, unless you want to spend your stag do with your head down the toilet, then a good meal is paramount. Book yourselves a Brewery Dinner and you’ll be full to the rafters in no time. You’ll get served Golonka – a local dish, which is a pork knuckle that’s been marinated in beer – what’s not to love? Served with bread, pickles, mustard and horseradish it’s a delicious treat and will keep you going for a good few hours. You also get a litre of beer each to go with your meal – interested now eh?

Dinner in a Krakow brewery

Party Time

Of course, you can go out into the wilderness and discover Krakow’s nightlife all by yourselves, but don’t expect to find the best pubs and clubs Krakow has to offer. If you book a Guided Nightlife Tour, not only do you have your own personal guide for the evening, you get to go to the exact kinds of places that you and the boys love. She’ll also take you to where the lovely local ladies hang out….

Krakow is a fantastic city to party in, with many amazing pubs and clubs to visit. Make sure you take advantage of our local guides to ensure you enjoy the best stag weekend you could possibly have!