Can’t live without the beautiful game? Well, why not incorporate some football into your magical stag weekend in Krakow? One more ball among you isn’t going to make any difference, so plan ahead and make your choices from our selection of fantastic footballing activities, watch or play – up to you!

Local Football Match

At a Wisla football match, you get to experience the atmosphere and see how the Poles support their local football teams. Obviously, you’ll need to support your local guide’s favourite team or she won’t be happy with you! We’ll give you a free round of beer after the game so you can discuss and relax!

Full Pitch or 5-a-Side Football

Fancy your chances against a local Polish footie team? Don’t worry, you get to choose the ability of the opposing team, we wouldn’t want you to get slaughtered on your stag do! You’ll be playing on a full size astro-turf pitch, so we hope you’re fit enough to handle it. It’s a great opportunity to see what it’s like to play against a Polish team and you’ll get to have a beer with them afterwards – so no fisticuffs, eh boys? Bit awks otherwise!

Stag weekend Budapest


Alternatively, you can opt for 5-a-side where you get to have a friendly kick about amongst yourselves! The rental of the pitch is for an hour, so you can release some of that built-up stress from wedding planning for the last few months!

Match Day Meal

Why not fill your boots with delish food and beer, while watching a match? Inside the Cracovia Stadium is a Sport’s Bar, where the waitresses are hot and the food is to die for. You’ll get a yummy burger with chips, along with a litre of beer each – the stag gets to try the 3Kg burger! If he manages to finish it, he’ll get a bottle of vodka for his trouble! You can play darts, table football or watch one of the 17 projectors showing sports regularly throughout the day.

Bubble Football

So this is football in the loosest sense of the word! Yes, there’s a ball and there are goalposts, whether you actually score anything is another thing altogether. Trussed up in a giant bubble, you won’t be able to play for laughing. Your guide will film it for you if you like, a hilarious memento of your fabulous stag weekend in Krakow!

Bubble football