If you’re going on a stag party in Hungary, then you are in for a real treat! Gorgeous honeys adorn the streets of Hungary, wherever you go. You think you’ve seen some sexy stunners in your time? Well, we can assure you, hand on heart, that if it’s fit girls you’re after, you will find them in abundance in Hungary…

Bodacious Bods

It appears to be well known that the Hungarian women look goooood. They look after themselves in every which way and are usually the proud owners of the perkiest set of hoo-hahs (boobs!) you would wish to see on a lady. Their choice of panties are thongs, which they delight in showing off underneath their white trousers! Not only that, we’ve never seen so many beautiful girls in one country before, so just like waiting for a bus, if one doesn’t turn up, there’ll be another one along in a minute!

Budapest strippers

You’ll Be Outnumbered!

Yes indeedy, in Hungary the women outnumber the men and it increases every year! So this might explain why the Hungarian hotties take so much pride in their appearance, using make up and revealing clothing to entice the male of the species, there just aren’t enough of us to go around! Ensure that you are ready for this boys, for the first time in your lives you might have to fend off hot, sexy females – what an absolute nightmare that would be…

Easy Going or High Maintenance?

As a general rule, the girls tend to be fairly easy going. They love to have a good time and are a friendly bunch, making you feel right at home. However, even though they are happy giving their man everything he could wish for between the sheets, they expect loyalty in return. If a Hungarian babe feels she is not the centre of your attention, you will most certainly know about it, always try to check her out before committing, or you might feel the Hungarian wrath. Which is never nice. Keep your stag party in Hungary nice and simple, but enjoy the little treats that come your way!

4Play Lounge

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