It’s been quite a few years (decades) since the latest club opened its gates to Budapest’s party tourists. This is why we were so happy when we heard about Club Heaven. As always we’d like to give the very best to our customers so let us share a couple of important facts about this brand new exclusive place in the Hungarian capital.


Club Heaven is open on Friday-Saturday from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. On Fridays, they usually play some RnB and Hip-hop, while Saturdays are for Mainstream Club Music and Radio Hits. This can, of course, change when they have a special themed party, and invite a world-famous DJ to the club.

Table Reservations

Heaven doesn’t only have separate VIP rooms and tables but they’ve also got different categories as well: Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Prices vary based on the category, but one thing’s for sure, all of them work in the same way: you can consume in drinks from the total price you pay.


We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw their price list. You’d think that it would cost a fortune to get a drink in such a nice, exclusive place, but we were wrong! Compared to other clubs in Budapest it’s basically at the same price level. So here’s another fact we can share about Heaven: it’s not one of those overpriced places that live off of tourists.

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If you’re wondering what the word ’apartment’ is doing here in an article written about a club, you’ll be surprised to know that the club has a sound-proof apartment that you can reach from one of the VIP rooms. It can be rented for a few hours for a private party or a whole night if you’re too tired to go home. Just let their staff know if you’d like to rent it but hurry up: you might not be the only person interested in the apartment!

Social media

We recommend that you to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages as they always have some cool, up-to-date content in there. It’s also worth checking out what kind of parties they’re planning for the upcoming weekends.

If you have any questions or want us to help you with your reservation, give us a call or send an e-mail to