Although the original Oktoberfest’s capital city isn’t Budapest, we still wanted to make sure our customers get the very best of activities that include beer. Let’s have a look at the most popular beer-loaded activities!

Beer Bike

20 litres of beer, a beer bike driver, and a 1.5-hour ride just outside of Budapest’s downtown. Our beer bike has a great reputation in the Hungarian capital. (You can guess whether it’s a good or a bad one.) One thing’s for sure: everyone who has ever tried this activity really enjoyed it!

Craft Beer Tasting

How about a classy craft beer tasting with a presentation in English by our local beer expert and a high-end selection of 5 different beers (2.5 dl each per person)? This is one of the best warm-up activities for the beginning of a great night in Budapest.

Guided Pub Crawl

Brewery Tour

If tasting different types of beers isn’t enough fun for you, how about if we told you that you can get to know the different brewing processes while visiting a local brewery? We’ll surprise you with some pretzels during the activity too – not that you can’t handle the alcohol…

Beer Spa

45 minutes in a hot tub while drinking beer? Sounds like a dream come true! So what are you waiting for? Hop into your own tub, pour your own beer and give Budapest’s only beer spa a try – the stag will surely appreciate the relaxing beer and healing time (especially after a long night out).

This is the real Oktoberfest in Budapest. And the best thing about it is that it happens all year round!