There are many strip clubs to visit in Budapest, but if you’re after glamour and style then you’re onto a winner with 4Play Lounge. This classy downtown club is on a par with many of the best Gentlemen’s clubs found in the West. From the decor to the ladies, you’ll be in seventh heaven from the minute you walk through the doors…

Don’t Be Fooled!

There are no neon signs flashing above club doorways to let you know which strip clubs in Budapest are above board and which ones will rip you off the second you cross the threshold. Do your research! If you’re happy to give away your hard-earned money, there are plenty of dodgy clubs who will gladly take it from you. Should you refuse to hand over the extortionate amount of cash they’re asking for, bully-boy tactics will most likely be used and we don’t rate your chances!

Taxi Scams

Not only are some of the strip clubs in Budapest experts at scamming money, some of the taxi firms are too. They get paid off by the clubs to take foreigners (just like yourselves), to these dishonest dens of iniquity. We know you will have had a few to drink, but don’t forget, you can book a FREE taxi to 4Play Lounge! Your local guide can give you the number, put it in your phone at the beginning of the night and use it. You’ll have a much better night. Seriously.

Taxi in Budapest

4Play Lounge

Without sounding like we’re in love with this club (we kind of are!), we guarantee you will have one of the best nights of your life here. You will undoubtedly find the lady who floats your boat and you can have a private dance should you wish! There are VIP areas, stage shows which will have your eyes popping out of your head and the drinks are very reasonable. Did we mention how friendly and professional the staff are? Whatever you ask for, they’ll do their best to serve!

Budapest Strip Club

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