In every city across the world, there are always people who will rip off foreigners and especially drunk foreigners. Without your usual antennae working to identify those who don’t have your best interests at heart, you can be sucked into situations which are difficult to get out of, without parting with your hard-earned money. We’re talking hundreds of pounds here, your bank account will be cleaned out and if you simply don’t have that kind of money, then the delightful security guys (gangsters) will make sure you’ll need a visit to the local hospital before you go home.

The Best Strip Clubs

Probably THE best Strip Club in Budapest is 4Play Lounge. Owned and run by westerners, the entire staff is trained to ensure that every single client who enters their establishment, is treated in a professional and friendly way, from beginning to end. The prices are transparent, so that there are no surprises when you come to pay your bill and the drinks are reasonably priced too. And the girls…Oh my God, the girls are simply divine. No matter what your type, you will most certainly find her here. You can have a Table Dance, a Private Lap Dance, with one or two girls – a Shower Show, or even a Lesbian Show …the list is endless!

Strippers in the 4 Play Lounge

Pick Your Taxi Wisely

There are some taxi firms who are in cahoots with certain clubs; gaining commission when they drop off unsuspecting guys to these dens of deception. Once you’re there, feeling tipsy and up for a good time, you’re not likely to notice the run-down appearance of the club or the shifty looking bouncers ushering you in as quickly as possible.

4Play Lounge has a free taxi service, where they will come and pick you up from anywhere in Budapest and take you straight to the club, no problem. Take advantage of this guys, it’s free, the club’s magnificent and so are the girls! And you also get to keep your cash or spend it on the girl of your fantasies…

Free Tax Service