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The Bare Essentials – Krakow Strip Clubs

Photo of a stripper's behind and she's wearing a mask

Krakow is a genteel sort of a place, the Florence of Central Europe and a stronghold of the Catholic Church. So you wouldn’t expect to find much mischief here right? Wrong! The most tourist-friendly of all Poland’s cities, this beautiful old town offers something for everyone. As well as the kind of architecture that makes […]

Thirsty in Hungary

A man drinking four cocktails through straws at one time

Szia from Budapest! Yes, it’s time for another tip for young players. Last time we caught up I was on a bar stool in Riga, Latvia, enjoying my third Riga Black Balsam of the evening. It’s dangerous stuff, as I’ve mentioned, but I’m glad to say I was able to leave the country without being arrested – perhaps because I didn’t order a fourth. Anyway, now that I’m back in Hungary and my hangover is almost a thing of the past, I thought it high time to help gentlemen visitors to Hungary decide what to order at the bar.