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Sexy Hungarian Strippers for your Budapest Stag Do

Guided Strip Club Entry Athens activity

A stag weekend wouldn’t be a stag weekend without strippers. Wait, we know that some of you can enjoy yourselves without spending hours in strip clubs. But there’s one thing (ok, not only one) we’re truly proud of in Hungary, and it’s none other than the beautiful WOMEN.  We’ve collected a few activities that include […]

Let us introduce you to the newest sensation in Budapest, Club Heaven!

budapest club

It’s been quite a few years (decades) since the latest club opened its gates to Budapest’s party tourists. This is why we were so happy when we heard about Club Heaven. As always we’d like to give the very best to our customers so let us share a couple of important facts about this brand […]

Up, Up and Away or Down to Earth? Which Activity is for You?

Budapest Skyward

We have a plethora of activities for you to choose from at Stag Republic, it all depends on your own personal ideas about what’s fun and what’s not! Whether you like to feel the adrenalin coursing through your veins, or prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, we’ve got the goods to entertain […]

How to Please Everyone on the Stag Do – Best Man Duties

Stag Do Party

There is no greater honour for a guy than being the best man at his best buddy’s wedding. This does come with some great responsibilities though and they’re not to be taken lightly! It’s not all about the best man’s speech – (although that has to be absolutely hilarious) you’ll need to be the best […]

5 Reasons to Book a Party Bus in Budapest

party bus budapest

There are many ways to get to your accommodation once you land in Budapest. Our favourite ones are the Hummer Daddy and Party Bus. But let’s face it: the bigger the place is, the more fun you have. Let us introduce you to the different reasons as to why you should book a Party Bus […]

Oktoberfest in Budapest Stag Republic Style

Oktoberfest Budapest

Although the original Oktoberfest’s capital city isn’t Budapest, we still wanted to make sure our customers get the very best of activities that include beer. Let’s have a look at the most popular beer-loaded activities! Beer Bike 20 litres of beer, a beer bike driver, and a 1.5-hour ride just outside of Budapest’s downtown. Our […]

Crazy Stag Party Theme Ideas to Make Your Stag do Unforgettable!

Bikinis, morphsuits, santa hats - all in the name of charity. Budapest Santa Run!

One of the best parts of a stag do is to have a theme running to help celebrate the final weekend of freedom. Dressing up and acting daft is of primary importance for team camaraderie and it helps to gain attention from the ladies too! We have some blinding ideas for you to think about, […]

Our Suggestions For Daytime Activities To Try On Your Stag Weekend In Budapest

Bubble football

If you Google Budapest, the first things that come up (among the many sightseeing possibilities) are endless parties, ruin bars and a great variety of clubs. What’s good to know is that if you’re coming for a stag weekend to Budapest, you have the opportunity to try many daytime activities (not forgetting about pubs, clubs […]

Something Different For Your Stag Weekend in Riga

Party Bus in Krakow

Strippers are always at the forefront of most stags’ minds when it comes to stag parties. We’ve put together a few ideas where they can be included in your activities, without having to visit a strip club once. That’s not to say you can’t go to a strip club, it’ll just be a little flirtation […]