Latvia in Riga is certainly the place to be if you’re going away for your stag do. From the gorgeous girls to the amazing activities on offer, your weekend will be jam-packed with fun and frivolities!  Riga has been a favourite with stag parties in recent years and it’s easy to see why. The stunning architecture, more bars and clubs than you can shake a stick at and a really welcoming atmosphere, makes it the perfect destination for your last weekend of freedom.

Stripper Party Bus

Why not start your celebrations with your very own Party Bus? As soon as you touch down at the airport, you’ll be greeted by one of our lovely local guides who will escort you to your transport. It’ll be stocked and ready, with 30 cans of beer – that’s 15 litres in total! Bring along your best tunes, the bus has an amazing sound system so you can sing along till your heart’s content. Of course, it wouldn’t be a stag do without a stripper, so brace yourselves as a stunningly sexy stripper gives you her best moves, teasing you all until you’re foaming at the mouth!

Party Bus Riga

Bars and Clubs

Although Riga is a relatively small town, there are plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants to visit. You can get through 4 or 5 bars in a night and let’s not forget the strip clubs. If the taster in the Party Bus has you all wanting more, get some advice from your local guide as to the best ones to visit, she’ll ensure you don’t get yourselves in any trouble by accidentally popping into one of the dodgier ones!

Riga local guide

If you like to dance all night, try La Rocca where the music is pumping and the ladies are hot! Coyote Fly is a fantastic club, but can be strict on entrance, so get your glad rags on, just in case! If Karaoke is your thing, check out Club Friends, you’ll have a blast!


You can’t go to Riga and not spend any time marvelling at the architecture and scenery. Art Nouveau is the primary style that you will see as you walk around Riga’s streets. The buildings are reminiscent of those in Germany, Austria and Finland, making it a very attractive city for tourists. Visit the Riga Town Hall Square, take in the sights and do a little people watching, or take a gander at the Freedom Monument.

Stag weekend in Riga Latvia

You definitely will not be bored in Riga, there’s much to see and do to make your stag party the most magnificent of all stag dos!!