Spa and Massage in Krakow

If your Stags are not so much laddy lads, into sport and swilling 10 pints in an afternoon, but more into taking care of yourselves and your well being, how about taking the Stag Do to a new, more modern, level during your Polish Stag Weekend?

Do you enjoy a facial (the proper kind ), a foot rub, an eyebrow wax? Then we can organise the best Spa Day in Kraków for you and your Stags. The boys can spend time in the sauna to sweat out the toxins of all the alcohol drunk from the previous evening, followed by chilling in the jacuzzi, where the bubbles rejuvenate your aching bodies. Each of the Stags will have a relaxing, 30 minute back massage by one of the qualified masseurs, which will take your endorphins to the next level. A massage in Kraków will set you up for the rest of the weekend. Oh yes, the Groom-to-be will also get a surprise manicure, so, nice clean coiffured hands ready for the wedding! The Bride will be pleased, bonus points! All of this for less than £50 – cheaper than a couple of rounds of drinks, bargain.

You could also squeeze in a visit to one of Krakow’s Thermal Baths, natural warm bubbling springs, which are said to have great healing properties, to tip you all over the edge of serenity!

To carry on the theme of pampering, you could all also have a man makeover, ready for your night on the tiles. Hair will be styled, guyliner applied and a smidge of foundation to give you all that perfected look, impressing the ladies when you visit the bars and clubs. They can even coordinate your look to the clothes you will be wearing that evening!

We’re not going to judge or tell you how to spend your Stag Weekend. This is your Stag Party and you should do whatever it is that is going to make you happy and enable you all to create memories that will last a lifetime (and photos!) We can organise whatever you want to do and one of our fantastic guides will ensure that all of the activities chosen, will happen! She will ensure that you don’t get lost or miss out on any of the fun of your Polish Stag Weekend, she’ll save you money and stop you all from getting into any trouble…can’t go wrong really!