So you’re thinking of going to Latvia for your stag do? Well boys, you are in for a treat! Riga is not only one of the best places for seriously hot women, but there are strip clubs there which will blow your mind. The rules in the clubs are different to the ones in the UK, much more laid back and touchy-feely. That doesn’t mean all strip clubs are the same. Read on to discover how to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantries!

Local Guides

Why not take one of our wonderful local guides with you to a strip club? Not that they want to go for the thrills, but they can advise and keep an eye on shenanigans for the evening. Don’t worry, they’re not there to spy, but to make sure that none of you get ripped off by some of the unscrupulous, dodgy clubs that are situated alongside the genuine ones. Our ladies have seen it all before a million times so don’t worry about them being offended!

Stag Republic Guides

Going it Alone

If you and the boys would rather seek out clubs by yourselves, please take a little advice from those with experience. There are many scammers in the form of ladies, who will attempt to get you to buy them drinks in a strip club. You’ll find yourselves landed with an extraordinarily high bill, which you will be expected to pay. Should you decide that you would rather not pay the bill, expect to be either frogmarched to the nearest cashpoint or end up in the local hospital. The bouncers are not the friendliest and they are pretty huge!

Bona Fide Strip Clubs

Your local guide can give you advice about the best strip clubs to go to in Riga, so have a chat with them to get the names of the ones that are genuine and where you’ll have an amazing time. Unlike strip clubs in the UK, you are allowed to touch the dancers, so no concentrating on sitting on your hands! Obviously, you can’t go too far, so make sure you are respectful and check with the ladies before putting your hands somewhere they shouldn’t be!

Krakow strip club entry

The Royal Gentlemen’s Club, Candy Shop and Hustler Club are just a few that are above board and have some of the most beautiful girls in Eastern Europe. You and the rest of the stags just have to make sure you are ready to handle the erotic stimulation that you will be observing, it gets pretty hot on those podiums!