If you’re lucky enough to be coming to Latvia for your stag do, you can look forward to cheap beer, steaming hot women, fantastic night clubs and let’s not forget Riga strip clubs. There are some absolute gems in the capital of Latvia, full to the brim with sultry, sensual ladies who are just waiting for you to arrive. Unfortunately, there are always a few strip clubs that are not places you want to be when you are planning to have a good time. Giving away your hard-earned money to scam artists is no fun, so listen up and book your places for these cracking clubs…

Riga Strip Clubs

Jockey Club

Situated at Elizabetes 49, this luxurious boudoir has a Scandinavian feel to it. The girls are just stunning. Nowhere else will you ever see so many beautiful ladies in one place! They’re friendly and professional and will help you to live out your fantasies for the night, with a glint in their eye and a smile on their faces! The prices for individual and group dances are easy to understand, so no need to worry about getting ripped off, but take plenty of notes, you’re gonna need them!

Candy Shop

There are some exquisite candies in this shop! Raunchy Rigan ladies abound at the Candy Shop, with unbelievable bodies and very open minds. No need to be shy here boys, the girls are here to please you in the only way they know how! There’s someone to suit everyone and there’s no chance of you being turned down, have yourself a private lap dance, relax and enjoy yourself, suck on as many candies as you like…


Dance Pubs & Clubs

If the Riga strip Clubs have you all lap-danced out and you just fancy a boogie, Riga has some brilliant nightclubs. From the glitziest club to the cellar pub, the nightlife continues until the early hours of the morning. Chill out at the John Lemon bar, or watch the world go by at the I Love You cafe. More up-tempo clubs include Club Essential and La Rocca, two of the cheesier types of clubs playing commercial, charty-type music. If you’re too cool for school, then Nautilus will be right up your street. Wherever you end up boys, remember; wear clean undies, be polite and enjoy raunchy Riga!