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Don’t Go Off Half-Cocked While Shooting in Budapest!

Stag do shooting range

Ever feel like firing your gun to relieve some tension, while in the company of some of your good friends? Get your mind out of the gutter, we mean for target practice at one of Budapest’s finest shooting ranges! Fuel up those testosterone levels and experience something wild and wonderful as you aim and fire […]

Fancy Going 38 Rounds on Your Stag Weekend in Latvia Boys?! You Can’t Do This In The UK!

Stag do shooting range

Think you can handle a gun, boys? Really? We’re not talking water pistols or namby-pamby pellet guns, we mean real, live guns! You know, the kind that can actually do some harm? So if you’re up for the challenge, allow us to introduce to you one of the best shooting activities you’ll ever get to […]

Shotgun Wedding? Bite The Bullet at a Budapest Shooting Range!

Budapest shooting range

Shot in the dark here boys, but how do you feel about spending some time having a shoot-out at a Budapest shooting range? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to handle something other than your own pistol! There are various games to choose from and an assortment of firearms to get your hands […]

Budapest Shooting Package – Pick Your Weapon!

Budapest shooting range

Ready? Aim, Fire! Ok you Stag Boys, think you’re tough enough to be able to hold a firm, weighty weapon in your hands? Can you protect yourselves and kill the bad guys with a Shotgun or a Rifle? Now’s the time to sort the boys from the men, on this Budapest shooting activity. Classic Shooting Package This […]

Stress Release? No! Not That! How About Some Paintball in Budapest?

Budapest stag paintball

Ready to fight, boys? It’s ok, we’re not asking you to join the army, but if your Stag Party is up for a make-believe battle; running around a Rambo-style woodland and shooting at your enemies, then try your hand at Paintballing! Paintball in Budapest is a fantastic way of releasing all of that crazy stress surrounding your upcoming wedding. […]

Budapest Shooting Range – Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?!

Budapest shooting range

From our Basic Package to Bad Mofo Shooting, you can shoot as little or as much as you desire. The Basic includes shooting a Glock, a Shotgun, Ruger Mark 1V and a PPSH41 for a total of 29 rounds. You’ll get an English-speaking qualified instructor – so don’t worry, we’re not going to let you loose with […]

Hot Shot Stags, Feelin’ Lucky?

Krakow shooting range 16

Imagine a real life shoot out with your best buds, pretending to be Cowboys in the wild, Wild West – this could happen boys! We have the most amazing selection of Shooting activities for you and your stags to choose from. From Classic Shooting to Bad Mofo Shooting, you can perfect your aim and release […]