From our Basic Package to Bad Mofo Shooting, you can shoot as little or as much as you desire. The Basic includes shooting a Glock, a Shotgun, Ruger Mark 1V and a PPSH41 for a total of 29 rounds. You’ll get an English-speaking qualified instructor – so don’t worry, we’re not going to let you loose with live ammunition, there will be no accidental deaths under our watch!

budapest shooting

For the Classic package, you can shoot the same guns as in the Basic, with the exception of the PPSH41 and add on the AK47 and the Taurus Magnum, with a total of 37 rounds to play with. There will be target sheets for you to aim at, so you’ll be in direct competition with each other, to see who can get the closest to the bull’s eye!

If you go for the Advanced Shooting, you can try your aim with a Sniper Rifle, as well as another 5 types of gun, with 51 rounds to perfect your shot. The Extreme package means you can also try out the PPSH41 and the Remington Shotgun, with 73 rounds to keep you busy.

Bad Mofo Shooting entails 8 different types of gun, with 124 rounds to contend with, can you handle it?!

Remember when you were a lad and you’d run around the house, pretending to shoot the enemies coming at you? When in reality, it was your dad, the dog or the dressing gown hanging on the door? This imaginative game can become a fantastic reality! The Airsoft activity at the Budapest Shooting Range is the chance you’ve been waiting for, for years. You can team up and have an actual shoot-out with your buddies. You will be using plastic bullets, being shot from an Airsoft gun. A little pain, but if you really want to try out a ‘real’ experience, then this is the one to separate the men from the boys.

We’ll throw in a round of beers with all of our Budapest Shooting Range packages, so you can all sit, compare, argue and laugh about your triumphs and fails of the day!

Budapest Bad Mofo Shooting Package