Ever feel like firing your gun to relieve some tension, while in the company of some of your good friends? Get your mind out of the gutter, we mean for target practice at one of Budapest’s finest shooting ranges! Fuel up those testosterone levels and experience something wild and wonderful as you aim and fire real live ammunition! There’s nothing quite like it…

Basic Shooting

Fire 29 rounds with 4 different types of guns, including the Ruger Mark IV, the Glock 17-9mm, the Remington Tactical Shotgun and the PPSH41. The perfect package for the novice shooter!

Budapest Shooting Range

Classic Shooting

The next step up for shooting in Budapest, gives you 37 rounds to fire and the guns are getting bigger! Ammunition includes: Ruger Mark, Glock and Remington, and also the Taurus 357 Magnum and the AK47.

Budapest shooting range


Advanced Shooting

For those of you who have a little more experience handling shooters, you get 51 rounds and the same guns as in Classic Shooting, but with the added extra SKS Sniper Rifle. Only for the bigger boys to play with!

Shooting range guns

Bad Mofo Shooting

Yup, only for those who have bigger kahunas! Will 124 rounds satisfy your lust for cracking one off? Shooters include the Ruger, Glock, Remington, Taurus, PPSH41, AK47, SKS and FN Fall Sniper Rifles. Told you – this one ain’t for the faint hearted!

Bad MotherF***er

Shooting SWAT

Pretend you’re on the SWAT team, about to take down the enemy in a highly charged situation. With 40 rounds to eliminate the opposition, you have a unique selection of firearms to use, so be cautious and take your best shot! Your ammunition includes: Glock 17, USP Standard, MP5 A4/A5, Remington 870 Tactical and the M4A1 Remington.



Fancy running around shooting at your enemy with real, live bullets? Well, no, that would be murder. However, the bullets are made of plastic, so there’ll be no actual killing in this game. But you can imagine! With 1000 bullets to play with, replicas of real guns and dressed up in tactical gear, you and the stags can have a grand old time while you play at being in the army. Shooting in Budapest has never been so real!

Budapest Airsoft


Situated on an old training site, where the actual military used to train, you and the boys can splat each other to pieces with 200 paint pellets. Ducking and diving is the name of the game and we’ll put you through your paces with trench courses and team and individual games – Speedball and Omaha Beach.

Budapest stag paintball

Shooting in Budapest ain’t for sissies. Only book if you can handle it, we don’t want you going crying home to mamma!