Think you can handle a gun, boys? Really? We’re not talking water pistols or namby-pamby pellet guns, we mean real, live guns! You know, the kind that can actually do some harm? So if you’re up for the challenge, allow us to introduce to you one of the best shooting activities you’ll ever get to experience…

Shooting Range – 38 rounds

Your stag weekend in Latvia wouldn’t be the same without some healthy competition between the lads. Shooting some firearms will help you to release any pent-up stress left over from organising the wedding and any frustrations will slowly fade away!

You and the boys will get to fire all manner of real, live ammunition. You can have 10 rounds each with the Glock and the Makarov, 7 rounds with the pump-action shotgun, 6 rounds with the Taurus Revolver and 5 rounds with the Kalashnikov. You’ll have a professional, English-speaking instructor who will guide you through how to handle the guns correctly and safely, please take note! We don’t like sending the stag home with a finger missing!

Krakow shooting range

Each stag will be firing at a target sheet, so when everyone has finished, you can all sit down and compare sheets to see who was the most accurate and ultimately, the winner! We’ll also give you a round of beers to help you calm down after this adrenalin-fuelled activity.

Don’t forget – you won’t be allowed to shoot if you’ve had too much to drink. If the instructor feels that you may be a danger to yourself or others, then you’ll have to sit this one out.

Beer Bike – 2 Hours

Don’t be worrying about not getting your quota of beer on the shooting activity, because straight after you can jump on the Beer Bike which holds 25 litres of the stuff! Oh yes, not only can you go sightseeing around the lovely city of Riga, but you can drink as much as you like while you’re doing it. There will be a professional Beer Bike driver, so you don’t have to concern yourselves with going the wrong way, but you do have to peddle. Hard. Whether you’re looking at the amazing architecture or the beautiful Latvian ladies, you’ll certainly get to have a blast on your stag weekend in Latvia!

Budapest Beer Bike

Book your activities and get excited, you won’t regret it!