Krakow shooting range 16

Imagine a real life shoot out with your best buds, pretending to be Cowboys in the wild, Wild West – this could happen boys! We have the most amazing selection of Shooting activities for you and your stags to choose from. From Classic Shooting to Bad Mofo Shooting, you can perfect your aim and release some tension at the same time!

If you’ve never handled a gun before, or you just fancy a shorter shoot out, then Classic Shooting will be right up your street. You and you stags will get 37 rounds each, using 5 different firearms: Ruger Mark IV, Glock, Taurus 357 Magnum, Remington 810 Tactical and an AK47. We’ll also throw in a free round of beers while you all compare your scores, winner should get their beers paid for, by the other stags for the night!

If you’re really into your guns or you’re feeling lucky, punk, then you have to attempt our Bad Mofo Shooting on your Budapest Stag Do. We’ll transport you from and back to your hotel and one of our English speaking guides will accompany you, to help with translating any instructions you don’t understand, we’d like you to still be in one piece when we pick you up! Each of you will have 124 rounds to use while at the range and be able to shoot 8 types of firearms:Roger Mark IV, Glock, Taurus 357 Magnum, SKS Sniper Rifle, PPSH41, AK47 and Remington 810 Tactical Shotgun. Of course, we’ll give you a free round of beers as you all discover the winner of the day.

If the stags are feeling energetic and up for some running around disused army buildings, then try Airsoft. You’ll have professional instructors to explain the rules and show you how to use the Airsoft guns. The guns are replicas of real firearms, but they have plastic BBs, so no real harm will be done – even with 1000 bullets to shoot! In your army uniform and armed with your tactical gear, this is the perfect photo opportunity for your Budapest Stag Do, certainly one to remember!

For those who love fitness, Paintball will have you yelping with joy. Through woodland and an ex-Russian military site, the stags will split into teams and run, chase and shoot each other, getting covered in paint as they go. There are 6 courses, 200 paintballs and you get to play Speedball and Omaha Beach, along with the trench courses, the choice is yours!😀