Shot in the dark here boys, but how do you feel about spending some time having a shoot-out at a Budapest shooting range? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to handle something other than your own pistol! There are various games to choose from and an assortment of firearms to get your hands on, a fantastic way to spend a few hours on your stag do!


Using replica guns, you and the boys will fight it out in combat gear, shooting each other with plastic BBs until the winner is declared! You’ll have a professional instructor to guide you through, so guns don’t go off half-cocked, 1000 bullets each and an airsoft pistol. We’ll even give you a round of beers when you’re done, to help quench your thirst and soothe the losers’ egos!

Krakow airsoft military games

Paintball (2 hrs / 4 hrs)

On an old Russian military base, you and the stags will be split into teams, ready to do battle. You’ll be kitted out in jumpsuits, masks and guns, so make sure you’ve got your game face on! You can play speedball and Omaha beach, ducking and diving as the pellets seek you out and splatter you in paint. There will be referees on hand to make sure there’s no foul play and of course a beer to calm the soul!

Budapest stag paintball


Basic & Classic Shooting

Son of a Gun! The Basic Shooting means you’ll have 29 rounds of ammunition and guns to play with, including the Glock, Remington shotgun, Ruger Mark IV and the PPSH41. With the Classic, you’ll get 37 rounds and be able to get your mitts around similar guns and also an AK47 and a Magnum.

Advanced & Extreme Shooting

As the title suggests, slightly more bang for your buck! For Advanced, there are 51 rounds and 6 guns, with the Sniper Rifle being the favourite among our stags. With Extreme, there’s 73 rounds and 7 firearms to boost that adrenalin.

Bad MOFO Shooting

Are you a bad Mofo? If you think you could handle it – think Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels boys! With 8 guns to aim with, the 124 bullets should just see you through, shooting in Budapest has never been so thrilling, until the next time…

Shooting – SWAT

You can go 40 rounds with some extra special shooting equipment, which includes a USP Standard and an MPF A4/A5. Check you out as you imagine you’re in a shoot-out in downtown LA!


With all of the shooting activities, you’ll get a qualified, professional instructor to help you to control the firearms – we don’t want you going off like a loose cannon! You’ll get your target sheets so that you can all compare your efforts on the Budapest shooting range with a cold beer. No matter which activity you decide to opt for, this is a fantastic way of blowing off steam and getting that adrenalin soaring through your body! Enjoy Mofos!