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Whether you’re a complete novice or have had a go at shooting a gun before, here’s the opportunity to reminisce about all of those pretend games as a lad; shooting the bad guys, rolling on the floor, hiding behind doors to trap your assailant – this can all be created for you stags, if you choose one of our brilliant Shooting activities. There are many levels, with different types of guns and amount of bullets per level.

If you’re new to this and a little bit nervous, then go for the Basic Shooting, you’ll get 29 rounds and a choice of 4 different guns: Ruger Mark IV, Glock 17-9mm, Remington 810 Tactical Shotgun and the PPSH41. As with every level, you’ll get an English speaking instructor, safety goggles and you get to take the target sheet with you, so you can all compare your handiwork!

Next level up is Classic Shooting; same as Basic, but you get 37 rounds of bullets and 2 other types of guns- the Taurus 357 Magnum and the AK47 (no PPSH41). You can pretend you’re actually shooting the enemy with these bad boys! If you’re feeling a little braver, then how about Advanced Shooting? You get 51 rounds, same guns as for Classic, with another added bonus of the SKS Sniper Rifle.

If some of you boys are into more extreme sports, try the Extreme Shooting! Here we give you 73 rounds of bullets and 7 different types of guns to play with; Ruger Mark IV, Glock, Taurus Magnum, PPSH41, AK47, Remington and the Sniper Rifle. Next level up is the Bad Mofo Shooting, with 124 rounds, all of the guns as for Extreme, except the Sniper Rifle becomes the FN Fall Sniper Rifle – can you handle it?! 😳

If you and your Stags would prefer a bit more ‘action’ instead of shooting target sheets, then you could sign yourselves up for Paintballing for 2 or 4 hours. Situated in woodland, you can run around old army buildings, previously used by the Russian military, so it’s realistic and you have plenty of space to run around in. For 2 hours, you get 200 balls and for 4 hours, you have 400 balls. There are 6 courses and you also get to play Speedball and Omaha Beach.

Finally, you could also opt for Airsoft. This is vey similar to Paintball, but you get to use plastic bullets instead of paint! The weapons used for this game are replicas of real firearms, so you can really play make believe! You get 1000 bullets, full uniform and protective gear.

As with most of our activities, we’ll throw in a round of beers once the fierce competition has abated! 😉