Strippers are always at the forefront of most stags’ minds when it comes to stag parties. We’ve put together a few ideas where they can be included in your activities, without having to visit a strip club once. That’s not to say you can’t go to a strip club, it’ll just be a little flirtation with some raunchy Rigan lovelies before you get to a club on your night out!

Sauna Party

If you like getting wet and enjoy the company of strippers, then this is the activity for you! For a full 2 hours, you get to have the sauna and Jacuzzi to yourselves, but don’t worry, there’s no whipping with birches as was the traditional Latvian pastime! You can relax with your stags, have a beer or 10 and if you’re able to handle it, book some strippers to join you. The ladies will give you a show to remember as you get hot and bothered, titillation to the extreme!

Riga Sauna Party

Classic Stag Dinner

Once you’ve finished bathing and are as clean as a whistle, why not book this fantastic meal to line your stomachs before your big night out? We’ll reserve you a table and you’ll get to fill up on a 2-course meal, along with 3 beers and a delicious shot of vodka. Once you’re feeling satisfied, a stunningly gorgeous stripper will pop in to show you how the Latvians do it, in style! She’ll have you weak at the knees as she loses each piece of clothing, giving the stag particular attention. Not something you get to book in good old Blighty, eh?!

Budapest dinner

Party Bus

When you’ve touched down and you’re not looking forward to the journey to the hotel, because you want to start partying straight away, we have the Party Bus to take you to your destination. Full to the rafters with booze, you get 30 cans of beer, which is 15, yes 15 litres of beer – we think that should last you! Along with the sound system to listen to your favourite tunes, you get to relax in comfort while you watch a sexy stripper get naked for your pleasure. If one isn’t enough for you naughty stags, why not book a few to get your stag party started in the best way possible??

Stripper party bus in Riga


There are many other activities where you can book strippers to join in with your celebrations. Take a gander at what we have on offer, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!