Whether you’re looking for just a kick-about with the lads on your stag or a full-on sports tour with the team, Stag Republic will make it happen.


Take your pick of our four destinations in Eastern Europe – Budapest, Krakow, Riga or Bratislava then just sit back and relax until the whistle blows. We can and will take care of accommodation, transfers, pitch rental, referees and even some local opposition. Then when the sun goes down we will introduce you to the storming nightlife, the beautiful women and the cheap drinks that make Eastern European weekends away unsurpassed.

krakow sports

One of the best bits about booking anything sport-related through Stag Republic is the lovely local babe guiding you around. Yes, she’s smart and knows the city you’re in like the back of her hand but better yet, she’s also a talented cheerleader. She’ll jump and scream to boost spirit, flirt with the referee to make sure it’s a fair game and even divert the opponents’ attention if needed. (Or stick her foot out to trip the other teams’ attacker up if the situation calls for it.)


Then when you’re off the pitch, let us take your squad out to a private dinner to celebrate your love of the game. We’ve created a variety of dinners from tame to tantalising so there’s guaranteed to be a meal suited to every occasion. Feast on some serious man food or make it a sophisticated wine and dine. And don’t forget our speciality, the spicy entertainment.

A stag party dinner in Budapest

So to sum it all up, whether it’s a sports tour or a sporty stag, make the trip hassle-free with us. We’ve got all shapes and forms of football, rugby and even hockey listed within our activities and many, many years of experience in organising these trips. But if there’s something else you and the lads want to play don’t hesitate to ask – we’re very good at problem-solving.