For the boys who love to compete and are obsessed with sport, we have some of the best activities for you all to try on your Stag Do in Krakow. The classic Stag Do is usually all about drinking and strippers, but here at Stag Republic, we know that there are lads out there who just love a run around the footy pitch, so we’ve incorporated some sporty activities for you all to enjoy.

Bubble Football isn’t a serious footballing activity, but it is absolutely hilarious. Trussed up in a mahoosive transparent bubble, trying to play football will have you hot & sweaty and fighting a losing battle to stay upright! This is no time for showing off your skills, just go with the flow and enjoy the madness!

Bubble football activitiy

If you fancied watching a football match as part of your Stag Do in Krakow, then it shall be done. You’ll be watching a Wisla Krakow match, with the local Polish folk. Soak up the atmosphere and see how the Poles do it, you might even pick up some new tips!

Fancy playing a game against the local guys? It can be arranged – a game on a full-size pitch, against a local Krakow team. You can choose the strength of the team – weak, average or good, so if you want to feel like winners on your Stag Do in Krakow, pick wisely! There are changing rooms and showers on site, so you can get clean and sup a free beer on us, ready to paint the town red in the evening!

Don’t want anything too serious? Then go for the Five-a-side football. A friendly kick about with the lads for an hour, along with a round of free beers afterwards. Almost like being at home!

If footy is not really your thing, but you’d still like to do some sporty activities, then we have Paintballing – run around an old army base, shooting each other, like you’re really on the set of a battle! How about Go-Karting or Quads? Zoom around the race track, competing with each other for the trophy at the end – or maybe a beer?

If your Stag Do in Krakow wants a little more fear and adrenalin, then try Dunajec Rafting. You’ll be tackling the rapids in a raft with your team mates.  After your big adventure, go for the guided Pub Crawl – a perfect end to the perfect day!

Krakow Dunajec river rafting