Ice hockey in Budapest

Stag Parties have always been associated with strippers and drinking, but what about the boys who love to play with balls?! Well, you can do that and also take part in a sport or two, if that is your desire – we offer Ice Hockey, Rugby and Football as part of your Stag Weekend in Budapest, along with beer of course! 😉

If you fancy a skate around a hockey pitch, then do try Ice Hockey. We’ll send along one of our fabulous guides who will also act as your cheerleader for the day 😄 You get transport to and from the pitch, ice rink rental, as well as 2 qualified referees and a doctor – you never know what could happen! Depending on your team’s experience, you can choose between an opposition who are weak, average or good, depends on how big your egos are!

If your boys are into rugby and enjoy the scrum, then we can supply your transport, referees and opposition, along with changing rooms and showers (applies for all sports), so you’re not stinking out the ladies later! After running around and giving it your best, we’ll give you a round of beers when you’ve finished and then a Banquet Dinner for both teams, so make sure there’s no fighting on the pitch, could make the dinner very awkward! You get 2 courses and 2 beers with dinner, you could have a third course if you fancy booking a stripper – lovely dessert to finish off a fantastic day!

For the footy boys, we offer 2 football activities; Bubble Football and 5-a-side football. If you want to play a fun game where keeping score is pointless, then go for Bubble Football (or Zorb Footy). We provide 8 bubble suits for you all to make complete fools of yourselves. You can try to kick the ball, swerve and tackle as you would normally, but you’ll find this next to near impossible, but trust us, it’s hilarious. Get your super guide to video it for you, much laughter and mickey-taking abound! 😋

5-a-side speaks for itself. You’ll need a team of 10 (really?) we provide transport, an hour’s pitch rental and of course the post-match beers. You can choose between Astro-turf and clay and can opt to play inside or outside, so the weather won’t matter.😀